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DC Comics iPad App
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DC Comics iPad App

DC Comics has joined Marvel in the digital world by releasing the DC Comics App for iPad. Powered by comiXology digital reader and online distribution software, digital copies of DC Comics both old and new are now available for iPad, iPhone, and PS3 users.

While archival Marvel brought us timeless franchises such as X-Men, Spiderman, and Iron Man, DC Comics has held it’s equal weight by creating Superman, Batman, Wonderwoman and others that have been revitalized with Hollywood’s recent infatuation with comics-to-movies recreations.

Within the DC Comics store tab, you can buy digital versions of the latest issue of Justice League or you can download a decent selection of free comics as well. Like the Marvel Comics App, you browse and download books through an online store. The technology behind both Marvel and DC Comics is powered by comiXology, so if you’ve used the Marvel App before, the look and feel is almost exactly the same. The online comic store functions the same way. Reading and scrolling through pages is smooth. And the digital scans of presents the comic graphics in pristine quality.

Amongst the free comics includes the original Batman, the original Wonderwoman, and previews of the latest Superman issue in case you want to take a peek before you pay. If you want more recent publications, the latest copies of the Justice league series, Jonah Hex, and other popular DC comics are available at the same price as their print copy and, for select issues, available at half the price selling for $1.99.

While you lose the collector’s feel of owning a paper copy of the actual comic, you are able to access purchased comics across your iPad, iPhone, PS3, or any comiXology integrated device. So if you’ve bought Superman on the iPad App, you can read it on the bus through your iPhone!

Being powered by the same technology as the Marvel app, there’s no direct comparison of the Marvel and DC apps on their own. Instead, DC Comics is quite simply a well designed and quality app for DC fans everywhere.

Available for free at the Apple AppStore:


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