Compass For iPad (Free)
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Our Rating: 70 /100 (★★★½☆ )

Compass For iPad (Free)

Without a pre-installed native compass on the iPad, there’s over 20 iPad compass apps in the app store today. Amongst these apps, some are paid, some are free, and some don’t even work. With Compass for iPad (Free), developers Oecoway have brought a simplistic and quick loading iPad app that sets out to do exactly what a compass should do, point North.

To use the app, hold your iPad flat in front of you, and no matter what angle or how much you turn the iPad, the compass naturally adjusts and points North.

Compass for iPad uses your Geo Location to calibrate geographic North. While using the app, freely switching between True and Magnetic North. There will be times that the app malfunctions. The developers noted that magnetic interference from other electronics, iPhones, Macbooks, and magnets may cause the compass to be off. But like store bought compasses, this is standard.

I’m not sure how many iPad users plan to take their tablets into the woods, but for whatever reason you may need a compass, Compass For iPad (Free) is an absolute essential app for your iPad.

Available for free at the Apple AppStore:


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