CNBC Real-Time iPad App
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CNBC Real-Time iPad App

The CNBC Real Time iPad App has got it all. I only recently got into playing with stocks, but in that short time, I have managed to open the CNBC RT app every morning to check the markets, watch CNBC news, and occasionally see what Jim Cramer has to say. Whether you’re an amateur like me or a seasoned day trader, the CNBC iPad App comes loaded with features, content and is one of the best Finance apps around.

CNBC Real Time combines the wealth of CNBC’s financial coverage, news, video and real time market updates in a one-stop shop. The app is functionally split up. The main navigation gives you quick access to the app’s core features: Markets, News, Videos, and My Stock portfolio. When you tap into a section, a sub menu appears that splits the immense amount of daily market data in a format for you to digest quickly and easily. Whether it’s today’s market movers, fluctuations in the bonds market, the app provides excellent charts, news and prices in real time. No refreshing is needed, stock prices and market news is literally in real time and a live ticker with the latest update refreshes before your eyes.

My favorite part of the app is the access to videos and media from CNBC. Videos are updated everyday. Everything from CEO interviews, clips from CNBC’s Fast Money broadcast, or Jim Cramer’s Mad Money are all available to you at no extra cost.

CNBC Real Time has it all. The app is functional. News and prices update in real time. Push notifications send you the latest news even when you’re not in the app. Multimedia and video is rich with CNBC content. Amongst all the free finance apps, CNBC Real Time is the most complete and usable app available for free.

Available for free at the Apple AppStore:


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