Chase Bank iPad App
Chase Mobile iPad App
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Our Rating: 40 /100 (★★☆☆☆ )

Chase Mobile iPad App

If you bank with Chase, the newly released Chase Mobile app for iPad does almost everything you come to need or expect from a mobile banking app. Once logged in, you can monitor your checking/savings account, pay your Chase credit card bill, track transactions, and pay bills from the app if you have set up Bill Pay on your account. While you can do almost everything you need from the Chase app, there’s little actual development of the app to utilize the iPad’s screen or functions. Design wise, the Chase mobile app is an exact replica of the iPhone app, only stretched.

Logging in and online banking through the Chase app is secure. The Chase apps takes extra measures to verify that you are the owner of the account. However, the the extra security comes at the price of convenience. When you switch across WiFi networks, like when you’re at Starbucks, you need to go through the process of authentication and verifying who you are by entering a verification code that can be text messaged to your phone. The app also automatically logs you off if you idle for too long. Overall, you won’t face any additional security risks on the iPad than you would on your desktop or iPhone.

There’s nothing new about the “Made for iPad” version of the Chase Mobile App. The app  is an exact replica of the iPhone version, but stretched out. Features are undeveloped and at times could be quite annoying. Finding branches near your area works great. But when you pull directions, the app closes and opens up Google Maps which, if you want to return to banking, forces you to re-login to your Chase account.

Frankly speaking, there’s no real difference in using the Chase Mobile iPad app than using Safari to login to your account through

Available for free at the Apple AppStore:


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