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Bumper Boats HD Premium iPad App
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Our Rating: 80 /100 (★★★★☆ )

Bumper Boats HD Premium iPad App

Experience 60 levels of free brain teasing puzzles in Bumper Boats HD Premium. While app developers Jirbo has listed Bumper Boats HD Premium as a free app for only a limited time, the app has been free in the store for over a month now and will likely remain so. As most puzzle games offer a lengthy introductory round of levels before raising the difficulty, Bumper Boats HD becomes a noggin scratcher as early as level 5.

In Bumper Boats HD Premium, you can play up to 60 locked (initially) and increasingly challenging levels. Solve a level and progress to the next one until you’ve mastered all 60. While it may sound like few, as early as level 5, you will spend increasingly more and more time solving the puzzles. Bumper Boats HD truly pushes your inference and deductive skills to their limits.

Essentially, the object of bumper boats is to move each colored bumper boat to their matching colored docks. The bumper boats move in straight lines like rooks in chess. To solve the puzzles, you’ll have to find the right combination, order, and utilize other boats to carve a path for your boat into their respective docking stations.

The graphics are simple and colors brilliant. As an added bonus, the game doesn’t include any sneaking in-app purchases. The only thing to keep in mind is the constantly refreshing banner ad at the bottom of the app. I didn’t find the ads to be too distracting and overall enjoyed the challenges of progressing through Bumper Boats.

Bumper Boats is truly a challenging game. Although you’ll have little reason to replay levels once you beat them, it’ll take you quite some time to get through all 60 levels. Bumper Boats HD is a brain teasing puzzle winner!

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