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Bloomberg Businessweek iPad App
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Bloomberg Businessweek iPad App

Every print magazine should aspire to create an iPad, iPhone or Android app as good as Bloomberg Businessweek.

For over a year, magazines have made lame attempts one after the other to port their print versions over to the iPad. As a matter of fact, print magazines have made lame attempts to port over to any mobile device. But we can finally rejoice, Bloomberg Businessweek has launched an iPad app that truly represents what digital magazines should be for your iPad.

For one thing, you no longer have to pay extra to receive a digital copy of Businessweek. Instead, existing subscribers can simply input their subscriber ID found on the magazine postage label, and voila, every single issue of Bloomberg Businessweek is available for download and local caching on your iPad. If you’re not a current subscriber, Businessweek actually offers frequent subscription promotions for as low as $0.27 an issue.

In addition to linking your print and digital subscriptions, the Bloomberg Businessweek app has an amazing UI and allows you to flip through pages and sections with speed and precision. A top navigation menu breaks down the features sections, while a slide-open left navigation allows you to open the table of contents at any time. But the very best part? You can switch between Businessweek editions with ease without having to navigate all the way back to the home screen.

In addition, WiFi/3G connected users can now email and share articles over their social networks. Bookmarking via the paperclip shaped ‘clipping’ button allows you to create a bookmark list across issues. A drop-down within the top navigation gives you access to your favorite and bookedmarked articles at any where in the app

If you’re an existing subscriber, Bloomberg Businessweek is a must download.

The only thing missing in the Bloomberg Businessweek iPad app is the blog and web exclusive content from But if you’re on your iPad, there’s always Safari.


Available for free at the Apple AppStore:


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