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Bing For iPad App
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Bing For iPad App

Remember the early days of the internet? Before Google, early internet users either had to type directly into the address bar from memory or found sites through large human curated directories like Yahoo or AOL. For most, one-stop-shops like AOL simply was the internet.

In the latest Bing for iPad app, Microsoft seeks to become your one-stop-iPad-shop for browsing the web. Where the Google iPad App is just an app version of the dot-com site, Bing takes the approach of becoming the internet for your iPad (like AOL from the olden days).

Load up the Bing app and you find the standard Bing search bar and high-def splash image. Also on the homepage/dashboard, Bing places a combination of popular information (weather, news, maps, movies, trends,  and stocks) into customized individual pages that aggregates information that you likely access on a regular basis.

For the search part, conduct searches within the app and Bing and continue to browse pages without having to load up Safari. Everything from watching videos, reading the New York Times, to using maps is all done within the Bing App.

The UI itself is very Twitter like as you swap through previous searches (not sure how useful this is outside of researching) and pages you browsed in your search history. The UI is nothing new, but it’s definitely simple. If you never want to go back to Safari, then the Bing App is definitely a solution.

I’m skeptical as to how useful most people will find the Bing iPad app. I’m comfortable and used to browsing the web through Safari. However, that’s how it’s been done. Who knows, the all-in-one app based experience that Bing created could be the wave of the future.

For now, I’ll stick with Safari. But it’s nice to have an alternative option.

Available for free at the Apple AppStore:


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