Aurora Feint 3 App
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Our Rating: 90 /100 (★★★★½ )

Aurora Feint 3 App

aurora-feint-3-screenshot-introWith only a handful of free iPad games in the App Store, I have to say I’m very very impressed with Aurora Feint 3. Aurora Feint 3 integrates an intriguing fantasy based storyline into a hybrid puzzle matching game that’s further combined with MMORPG-like characteristics.

The Aurora Feint 3 storyline revolves around our protagonist awaking in the woods with no idea where and what is going on. With two chapters available in the storyline at the time of this review, Aurora Feint’s producers plan on releasing regular updates to the storyline to keep users progressing.

While there are few games that integrate a storyline into a puzzle-type game, publisher OpenFeint does so flawlessly in Aurora Feint 3. The game itself involves connecting matching blocks in rows of three where setting off multiple chained-combos increases the points and experience you gain. Similar to grinding for experience, your character regains health as you play the puzzle. Throughout the game, random challengers from thieves, rogues, to mercanaries will challenge you and from there, Bejeweled type play turns into Puzzle Fighter where you will play head-to-head against the computer to out-duel in puzzle battling fashion to gain experience to level up your character. During battles, the MMORPG factors comes into play as you can call on human friends on Aurora Feint 3 to join the battle and tag team creeps and bosses. Overall, the integration of story and gameplay is terrific and original.

Beyond gameplay, the hand drawn graphics are beautiful and provides a wide spectrum of backgrounds from various parts of the game’s forest environment. The score is fantastic and suits the theme of the game very well where the contrast between the exploration music and battle music helps to adjust your mood and emotions while in the game.

However, Aurora Feint 3 is still a new and free game so it isn’t without flaws. The game requires an active internet connection so unfortunately there is no offline play for this game – a major bummer for WiFi only iPad owners. Also, since it’s one of the very first games built specifically for the iPad, users have reported numerous crash issues. But, at the time of this review, I experienced only one crash in the four hours I’ve spent playing Aurora Feint 3.

To sum it up, Aurora Feint 3 is beautifully executed, addictive, and a must download for iPad game lovers.

Official Aurora Feint 3 Preview Video

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