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Appstream For iPad App
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Our Rating: 70 /100 (★★★½☆ )

Appstream For iPad App

Hate browsing the App Store’s clutter to find new apps? Don’t want to rely purely on website reviews (except for ours :-) of course) to discover new apps? Well, how about window shopping for apps within an app? With Appstream by Appsfire, browse trending and popular iPad apps in an animated stream.

The matrix rotates iPad Apps based on their graphical icons in a rubrics cube shifting form for you to discover new apps. Filters in Appstream allow you to control what apps appear as you may set the stream to only show free apps, paid apps, or to include iPhone apps as well. Clicking through an app’s icons opens a pop-up that displays the app’s details, screenshots, developer’s description, and a thermometer indicating the popularity of the app within the Appsfire community.

Data for Appstream is collected from the user base. If you haven’t heard of Appsfire, Appsfire is a desktop tool that allows users to share and recommend iPhone, iPad and mobile applications they like. Appsfire scans registered member’s iTunes accounts for their app usage information where the trends are then aggregated on the Appsfire website for others to discover. For Appstream, these recommendations are translated and displayed in a matrix-like stream for you to browse in the Appstream iPad App.

In short, it’s a pretty way for you to window shop for apps.

The Appstream concept is definitely a new way to discover apps. But in the early versions of Appstream, the app is still buggy and often crashes within minutes of usage. Links to the App Store do not always work. And additionaly filters to divide apps by category, or rating, and additional grains are still to be desired.

The Appsfire developers definitely are on to something, but before we can give Appstream a top rating, the app still has bugs to work out before we can recommend it to all. For now, go ahead and download Appstream to check the app out. But we can hope that the next update will remove the frequent crashes.

Available for free at the Apple AppStore:


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