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AppStart For iPad
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AppStart For iPad

Free for a limited time only, AppStart for iPad is a terrific app by the folks over at that’s meant to serve as a starter guide for new iPad users and owners. The promotion is only available for a limited time as customers flock to pick up their iPad 2s this week. Whether you’ve had your iPad since launch day or you just picked one up, AppStart For iPad is a detailed and comprehensive guide for the most popular and useful ways to utilize your iPad in addition to recommending a few apps to get your feet wet.

When you first open the app, the home screen is displayed in a clean grid of buttons for you to tap-in and find out everything there is to do with the iPad. Each grid-box allows you to open up a mini-guide for how you can use your iPad as an eReader, home theater, radio, nightstand, magazine, or social media hub. Within each mini-guide, the folks over at App-Advice also throw in their suggestions for both free and paid apps that really help enhance your iPad experience. When compared to our own recommended free apps, we’re very much in line with the folks at AppAdvice on which free apps you must try :-) . Clicking on free or paid apps will open up the iTunes store and let you download the app right away as you browse on your iPad.

The AppStart iPad App is essentially a 10-page beginner’s guide for iPad owners. Though a quick read, every bit of content is worth your time and through AppStart, start learning how to use your iPad.

If you just picked up your iPad, we highly recommend you check out AppStart while it’s still free.

Available for free at the Apple AppStore:


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