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Amazon Mobile iPad App
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Our Rating: 80 /100 (★★★★☆ )

Amazon Mobile iPad App

Ever since the day I discovered sold more than just books back in 2006, I’ve been hooked and an avid shopper ever since. I buy my books, movies, sports equipment, and even home essentials such as my quarterly supply of toilet paper from Amazon (it’s cheaper in bulk!). While I’m satisfied with my Amazon experience via desktop, with the rise of mobile browsing and the advent of the iPad, shopping on Amazon through the Amazon Mobile App is cleaner, simpler, and much more intuitive for making those quick purchases.

The Amazon Mobile App is compatible across the iPhone, iPod, and iPad. All the core features and shopping categories such as home, electronics, entertainment, books and others are available in the app. Also, if you have an account, you receive the same set of customized recommendations as you would when you normally browse on your desktop. Your wish list, account information, history of past orders, and recommendations are all available as seperate sections of the app. As for product browsing, for the most part the search feature will find everything you need and the process is a breeze.

The one knock against the app’s current search functionality, as good as it is, is the feature lacks filters to narrow down price range, rating, and any other criteria you may normally use. So for generic searches like “softball bats” that returns a broader breadth of results than you may need, the only way to narrow down the results is to only filter by category. Compared to the competing eBay Mobile App, the eBay App does allows you to sort search results by listing, auction type, category, price range, or best match. At this point, Amazon could learn from the eBay app’s search functionality.

Compared to desktop shopping as a whole, the iPad App is best used when you know what you want to buy. Researching products, reading reviews, and comparing prices is still most easily done and quicker on a desktop/laptop computer. Since you can easily switch between websites, compare prices across sites, and filter your search results with greater control – leave the researching to be done on your desktop and purchasing when you know what you want on the iPad.

With that said, while it’s not critical for you to be a pre-existing Amazon user to milk the most out of the iPad App, it certainly does help. Having a pre-existing account allows you to easily browse, purchase, and order by selecting from your shipping addresses, billing addresses, and payment options that’s linked to your Amazon account.

To test the mobile purchasing flow through the Amazon App, I went online to buy a highly recommending web usability book Don’t Make Me Think by Steve Krug. My entire purchase from search to check out took less than 5 taps and under 2 minutes. I searched. I found. I checked out. I logged in to my Account. I selected the payment and shipping method. And all was said and done with time to spare!

The Amazon Mobile app on the iPad is truly a simple, secure, and easy way for you to browse and make purchases on your iPad. While I hold that researching and reviewing products is still easier done on the desktop. Purchasing items that you’re already made your decision on is very simple and quick on the Amazon App.

For you Amazon-holics like myself, the Amazon Mobile App is a must download!

Available for free at the Apple AppStore:


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