Air Video (Free Version)
Air Video (Free Version) App – Stream Videos From Your Computer To Your iPad
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Air Video (Free Version) App – Stream Videos From Your Computer To Your iPad

Air Video Free is a iPad/iPhone cross compatible app. The Air Video interface has been adjusted to utilize the full iPad screen from the most recent version update.

Immediately after picking up my brand new iPad, I rushed home to surf the intraweb with my latest gadget, download the lineup of launch day apps, and alas, failed over-and-over when I attempted to convert my collection of digital movies to a suitable iPad format. Fortunately, for those of you who have similarly struggled to convert your non-iTunes movies onto the iPad, Air Video Free is the ideal solution.

Air Video is perfect for 16GB iPad owners that are strapped for hard drive space. Air Video connects to your desktop or laptop computer via WiFi or 3G to directly stream videos to your iPad. Air Video lets you watch your digital collection regardless if they’re formatted for your iPad/iPhone.

The app is amazingly fast and smooth. While you can set up the Air Video desktop software to convert your movies offline prior to watching, the app can also convert as you play. For all non-HD movies I tried, convert while you play works brilliantly supposing that your desktop computer was built in the last 4-years. For anything over 1GB, I would recommend converting the files with Air Videos desktop software before streaming.

Air Video App is easy to use. It took me all but 5-minutes to browse the Inmethod company website, download, and install the desktop software and viola, I immediately began streaming videos to my iPad through my home network.

A thing to note about the free version, the video list will only show a limited amount of videos in the playlist. Each folder you open only shows about 3-4 videos, but each refresh will randomly show a different set of available videos from your library. For easier access, Air Video has a very affordable $2.99 paid version that allows you to access your entire library.

While live streaming apps like Netflix and ABC Player are great, Air Video (both free and paid versions) is a must download for video-loving iPad owners that already have a large collection of their own.

Available for free at the Apple AppStore:


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