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ABC Player iPad App Review
Reviewed on 04/06/2010 by

Our Rating: 100 /100 (★★★★★ )

ABC Player iPad App Review

As one of the first web streaming video players built for the iPad, ABC really knocked the ball out the park with the ABC Player iPad App. The app is adapted for the iPad from ABC’s current online browser player. Videos load quickly and seamlessly, Audio is terrific (although I personally find iPad internal speakers to be lacking in bass), and the interface is intuitive.

Best yet? ABC offers over 20 daytime and evening shows on the player. For this review, I decided to catch up with the 2nd half of ABC’s new series, V. Video is in HD and I didn’t find loading issues while watching the videos at home through WiFi. While watching hamburger style – or vertically – the video player is split half-and-half with the video at top and related videos at bottom. While watching hot dog style – or horizontally – the video switches to an optional full or widescreen.

Another reason I’m a big fan of this app? Where I usually find myself having to restart a video or clip after switching out of an app, the ABC Player keeps up to 12 videos in your viewing history where you can pick up and resume right from where you left off.

In terms of interruptions, There’s no real way around the ads, but that’s the same as the regular online video player.

Overall, video and interface is impressive. The list of shows is plentiful. But the overall quality of the iPads internal speakers may peeve other audiophiles like myself. But all in all, a great app and a must download! (iTunes Download).

Available for free at the Apple AppStore:


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