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posted by Satyakam Khadilkar on 09.02.10 at 9:14 am

Grabble 3D -The Super Word Game FREE on iOS and Android.
1 or 2 Players ! Challenge your Facebook Friends to a Grabble Battle!! This fun, addicting and fast paced app is unlike any word game you’ve played before!! It’s going to take more than a good vocabulary to win this game! Place the falling, rotatable, 3D letter cubes to build and expand as many words as possible from the same letters before you clear them away to make room for new incoming cubes…Spell Fast…combine double and triple letter groups in your words to get huge points!!!
- Play Single Player or Challenge a Facebook Friend to a 3 round match.
- Double and Triple your word scores when you Construct with Letter Groups like “LY” and “ING”.
- Choose your cube speed to fall slow, medium or fast.
- Power-Ups Bombs, Freeze, Time, Multiply help to gain the edge on the competition!
- Achievements earn Tokens so you can get Power-Ups and unlock bonuses!
- Use the GRABBLE button to clear away cubes you have already used.
- Use the HOLD Window to save a cube for strategic placement!
- Color Packs are available to custom design your game play.
- Learn to Spell Fast !
Enjoy Grabble 3D – The Super Word Game!

posted by Eric on 08.04.13 at 1:55 am

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